"Sonya was absolutely fabulous from start to finish. My now husband and I weren't sure we needed to hire a wedding planner. My family is from Kauai where weddings are very community oriented and everyone helps out - people bring food, set up tents, do the florals, etc. We weren't sure we would need a wedding planner or coordinator but my husband is from the Mainland and we knew we would need to do a blend of both his and my culture. Sonya was fantastic at making everything work smoothly. She had great ideas on how to make it a wonderful blend of our two cultures and put everything together seamlessly. All our parents, wedding party, vendors, etc had their own personalized timelines and contact sheets so they knew where to be when. It was so easy and seamless! Sonya was great at navigating our cultural differences and expectations in what we would want for our wedding weekend. We were so lucky to have her." - Cara

"Both my wife and I are full time medical and graduate students and really had very little time to plan a wedding. As soon as we talked to Sonya we realized how experienced and professional she was. She immediately contacted every vendor and asked them all the important questions that we didn't even know to ask and organized them so we only had to talk to her and not to twenty different people. Sonya walked us through our ceremony multiple times weeks before and pointed out things that we hadn't thought about and would have likely just have not done or forgotten to do if she was not there. Sonya was an even bigger help the day of. Our wedding would have been drastically different without her. Before the ceremony started she made personalized schedules for our groomsmen, bridesmaids, family, and vendors, so everyone would know what they were doing and where they were supposed to be. Sonya took care of everything, from setting up the tables, chairs, lights, escort cards, centerpieces, coordinating the vendors, and always had one eye on us to make sure we were where we needed to be, and everything looked great. Having her there made everything go so smoothly and we can't imagine having a ceremony or reception without her.  We should also note that Sonya is not just incredibly organized, but very patient and kind and never once made us feel stressed, or seemed to get stressed herself. She is not just professional, but also adds a personal touch, in the sense that she really got to know us and understood what we wanted." - Jonathan T. 

Photo by  Eggsposure

Photo by Eggsposure

Photo by Blubee Photographie

Photo by Blubee Photographie


"LOVE LOVE LOVE SONYA! Five stars are just not enough to praise Sonya for her hard work, creativity, dedication, and professionalism as a wedding planner! She was such a pleasure to work with! We ended up getting the partial planning package with her, and I'm so glad that we did! Even though our our venue had an event coordinator, Sonya was the real reason that EVERYTHING went smoothly. She is one of the most professional vendors to work with, and she really does care and tries to accommodate all your requests as much as possible. If you want someone who truly loves what she does, loves her clients, and is the best at her craft, go with Events by Sonya! You will not be disappointed. Thank you Sonya for making everything so wonderful!" - Kirstie Y.

Photo by Evan Xu Photography

Photo by Evan Xu Photography

"Hands down, best wedding vendor we booked. We really got lucky and had an all star cast of fantastic vendors, but Events by Sonya tied it all together and elevated the tone of our event to a whole new level of perfection!

Sonya is insanely organized. As things became more hectic in the months and weeks leading up to our wedding, Sonya was the calm and steady force that nudged us to where we needed to be for the big day. She made beautiful and detailed timelines for each vendor and each family member/bridal party member. Her constant reminders of deadlines and to-dos, her confident and immediate answers to all my questions, and her fantastic attitude throughout the whole process made hiring her worth every single bit. 

On the day of the wedding, I experienced absolute calm and serenity for a full 12 hours. There was nothing I needed to worry about because Sonya had a list, it was a super detailed list, and I had absolute faith that she was going to coordinate every last item on that list to perfection without a single bit of effort from me. She did everything you would expect a seasoned wedding coordinator to do and then she went above and beyond. Thanks to Events by Sonya, our wedding was stress-free and memorable for all the right reasons!" - Cynthia H.

"Calmly organized and incredibly sweet Sonya is absolutely a very wonderfully skilled planner. Celebrating a wedding in Balboa Park on a bustling Saturday in sweltering heat will always be a challenge, but with Sonya at the helm, it was a beautiful day in paradise with LOVE blooming and in the spotlight! She was amazing. Brava to her. Any function will be amazing with Sonya as your coordinator."  - Caprice Strings

"I recently got married on 9/19 at Balboa Park (the Botanical Garden lawns & MOPA) and I can honestly say the day would not have been the same without Sonya's help! Months prior to the big day, Sonya and I met a few times to develop a checklist of tasks I needed to get done. There are wedding checklists available online but trust me, it helps to have someone like Sonya check in on you from time to time! Sonya is very responsive and will email you back the same day. She also has great ideas that she caters towards your taste. For example Sonya designed my beautiful escort cards and hand painted each one in my wedding colors. She also put together the table decorations. About a month before the wedding, she sent out timelines to each of my vendors which I think was essential for a great wedding. Everything went very smoothly and I got many compliments from guests and vendors about Sonya's organization! The wedding party also received a color-coded, detailed, easy-to-read timeline which really kept us on the move and on schedule. Sonya was absolutely amazing on our wedding day and I highly recommend her! She's organized, punctual, creative, and open-minded. You can't ask for much more than that!"
                                                           - Angie and John L. 

"Sonya was amazing at planning my boyfriend's graduation party. She was on top of booking the venue and even prepared decorations for the tables and a congratulations banner! The decorations were handmade and super cute. Sonya was not only extremely helpful, she listened to what we were looking for in the event and I loved working with her. I would definitely recommend hiring her as your event planner, whether your event is big or small." - Adelaide H. 

"Events by Sonya was such a pleasure to work with! I am part of a team of 3 wedding photographers, so we are a busy studio with a lot of weddings to keep track of. Sonya reached out to us first, was always friendly and up for anything her client needed. It was so nice to work with a coordinator who understands that executing an awesome wedding day is a team effort between all vendors! I can't wait to work with her again! Thanks so much Sonya for being an amazing team leader and for making Angie and John's wedding such a success!" - Rachel J. of France Photography

Image by  Andrea David

Image by Andrea David


"I have to admit, choosing a wedding coordinator was difficult.  After all, this person essentially will be helping plan and execute almost all of the crucial details of your wedding.

Sonya, though, was beyond incredible.  My (now) husband and I hired her for month-of-coordination, and right from the start she was on top of everything.  I could create a huge list of why Sonya was such an asset, but the one attribute that I think is most crucial to include in this review is her ability to balance everything in a timely and informative manner.  I never felt pressured to finish anything at an overwhelming pace, because Sonya would make spot-on timelines and send friendly reminders when needed.  In addition, she would be more than happy to contact vendors on my behalf and take care of little details that she knew I wouldn't have time for.

Overall, if you are hesitant about spending money on a wedding coordinator, trust me, it's worth it.  Sonya is amazing and she helped make my wedding day one of the happiest (and most stress-free) days of my life." - Felice H.

"I was part of the bridal party at a wedding planned by Sonya, and I was so impressed at how smoothly everything went. She took care of all the details from before the wedding to the day of, so we didn't have to worry about anything being forgotten. We got to see the timeline of what would happen that weekend that Sonya made, and it was incredibly detailed down to the hour and minutes--even more amazing was how the wedding really followed the plan as scheduled! It helped keep all the bridesmaids and groomsmen on track and in the loop with what was going to happen, which was very valuable on such an important day. All the decorations and details were beautiful, from the choice of venue, to the flowers. I especially loved the cute, rustic feel of the reception dinner table decorations! Seeing the wedding and reception so well thought out was a relief for those in the wedding party and a delight for all the guests. Everyone had so much fun thanks to Events By Sonya; I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for help planning events!" - Melissa K.

"First, I am not the bride, but a wedding vendor who had the pleasure of working with Events By Sonya. I’ve worked with tons of wedding coordinators over the last 6 years of running a wedding photography & videography company, and wanted to give a special shout out to Sonya. A wedding coordinator is essential in ensuring that your wedding day goes as smooth as possible and Sonya does just that. She introduced herself to us with plenty of time before the wedding which gave us confidence that the wedding was in good hands. From our perspective, it’s vital to have an organized, and easy to follow timeline so that we can prepare and do our job as best we can. Sonya delivered just that. She’s super friendly, approachable, generous with her time, and down to Earth—which is exactly the kind of person you want planning the wedding of your dreams." - XOXO Wedding Studio


"From our first phone conversation to the venue cleanup, Sonya has only been exceptionally responsive (within the same day!) and professional. Throughout the planning process, Sonya was easy to reach (via phone, text, or email) and would provide helpful checklists, spreadsheets, timelines, and templates. Although we only booked the month-of-coordinator package, she would still periodically check in with us to keep us on track until the final days. If ever I had a question, she always provided an answer quickly, whether she knew it or had to do some research. We definitely did not make it easy for her because we planned our SD wedding from LA, but Sonya was more than accommodating by meeting with us on weekends despite the busy wedding season. Sonya coordinated our wedding rehearsal and, within minutes, everyone knew what they had to do during the ceremony. She collaborated and organized our multiple vendors to create a cohesive and amazing wedding day. [...] Sonya listened to all our wants and needs and truly brought our wedding vision to life! What I personally loved the most about Sonya is how she made me feel that our wedding was her top priority despite the reality that she was planning many other events. I highly recommend Sonya and Events by Sonya!" - Jessica