Featured Vendor: Puremium Photo Booth

I'm so happy that my friend Mark is also in the wedding industry; he's with Puremium Photo Booth based in Los Angeles. I interviewed him and asked him some questions that I hope you'll find helpful if you are considering a photo booth at your wedding or event. 

Puremium 1

1. Tell us all we need to know about Puremium Photo Booth! 
Puremium Photo Booth is a high-end photo booth photography company based in the Los Angeles county. We operate within an open-air environment, breaking free from the traditional boxed booths, allowing our guests to be as creative as they would like, while capturing their special moments. Our photo booth provides a unique twist, blending professional equipment, lighting, and social media integration - a one stop shop!

2. What makes your photo booth different from others that are out there? 
We really believe our guests should not only get to leave with awesome prints, but also leave with lasting memories. We listen to the needs of our clients and accommodate to whatever the need is for their events. We are able to customize several elements, from backdrops to photo layouts to sticker prints, that is sure to grab the attention of the guests - without stealing attention away from the event of course! We offer two standard packages, the 'Social Media' and 'Puremium' Package, but we are more than happy to customize packages, or create an entirely new one, to fit the needs of our client. Our high-end photography equipment will be sure to light-up any event! First and foremost, our priority in any event is to provide the best experience for the client and their guests and with our super friendly professional photographers on-site, we are sure to bring an extra element of fun!

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3. What is your advice for couples trying to decide on a photo booth vendor? What questions should couples be asking to find the best fit for their event? 
First, couples should decide if a photo booth would fit into their overall budget. Depending on the length of the wedding, quality of service, and venue location, there will be multiple ranges for photo booth companies. Second, does a photo booth fit the wedding theme? Each event has its unique theme and a photo booth may not match what they're trying to portray. Every booth itself has it's own shape, size, and capability, so couples must optimize the space of their venue and find the right location for the booth where guests can enjoy both simultaneously. Some booths can also take up quite of a lot of realty! Finally, you'll want to ask how they measure and emphasize the quality of the overall service. The company should do their best to accommodate to your needs - it's your wedding! 

4. What's your favorite photo booth prop in your collection?
There's too many to choose from! If I had to pick one... it would probably be the inflatable rock band set because everyone can get involved! It's like playing rock band, but in real life. I'd say I'm a big fan of the photos where everyone squishes together to fit. Combining big (matching) props and hoards of guests into one shot brings people together and the reactions are priceless! 

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5. Where are you located and will you travel to San Diego?
Puremium Photo Booth primarily serves customers within the Los Angeles county, but we are more than happy to make the trip down to sunny San Diego! Please feel free to reach us at PuremiumBooth.com or Info@PuremiumBooth.com for additional information!